Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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Marie August said...

I wanted to create a largish tavern/inn in the middle of The Woods for the setting. But I think the outside at least looks more like a house. I like the sunset I added in the background.

Anonymous said...

Your art is wonderful, even at this point. Most of the comics I read start out with poor art, then the style evolves. Sometimes the first comics are so artistically poor in potential webcomics that I decide not to read them. Great job giving such a promising start! And your story so far has been just as good.
On another note, love how you have multiple types of shading on the hair. It gives a wonderful effect.
Keep up the good work!

Marie August said...

Thank you! It probably helps that this is not my first time attempting to make a webcomic. It is my first time using this shading style though. I really like it.

I plan to try and keep my art style consistent for this comic. Though I'm sure I may improve, I don't want the beginning of my comic to look like it was created by a different person. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! It's the oldest prince guy! I knew it!
... Obsidian is a cool name.

ExPaladin said...

Obsidian? That's an interesting name.

SotiCoto said...

... And here I figured he was just mouthing off Igneous rocktypes for the hell of it.

Curious that the other commenters instantly assume a person's name.

As for your pub in the woods... I know what you've been Googling:

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