Thursday, June 30, 2011


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Marie August said...

I always found it kind of funny that in fairy tales Kings often give away kingdoms as some sort of reward for a fantastically impossible task. I figure it would be decently believable for the first born son to be displeased with this happening, since this reward was supposed to be his without condition.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. "Witch of the wood." Sounds ominous.
... I've always found those kinds of fairy tales to be kind of weird, as well. Though they usually only offer it by proxy, I find; "if you do (blank), I'll let you marry my beautiful daughter" or somesuch.

Marie August said...

Well, if I was doing that kind of story, I'd probably have the beautiful daughter be displeased.

SotiCoto said...

He has mastered the smug smirk.
He has all the belts.
Even his chin is a smug smirk.

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