Thursday, July 28, 2011


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Anonymous said...

As a fan of drama comics (I love comedy too, but it has it's place), I love well-done cliffhangers. They both get me excited and make me fear for everyone involved. Unlike in other types of media in which they usually have to go unresolved for a while in-story, (except in TV shows, which often have theirs end like someone had tied up the threads of a sweater halfway, only with the yarn being plot) which usually gets boring, but in comics they can be wrapped up the very next page yet keep someone in suspense for half a week or however long.
Please do not hold back from using them occasionally.

Marie August said...

I try. :)

Anonymous said...

^ What that person said.

SotiCoto said...

Gooby seems reluctant.
Just as well waitress girl is beastly strong and willing to drag him around by the arm.

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