Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Anonymous said...

*Snort.* He's just realizing the danger now!? Little bit of a dummy, yes? I suppose that's every hero ever, though.
I love the "oh, God, what have I just gotten myself into" in the second panel.

Marie August said...

Peridot is kind and courageous. But he's not always incredibly clever.

SotiCoto said...

Gooby is an impetuous, blundering moron whose very presence (and mandatory meddling) promises a carnival of calamity... or at least that is how I see him... 12 pages in. Also he seems to be permanently angry.

I think somewhere in my mind, I'm making up my own dark comedy version of this story... where Ob-Gyn is the snarky awesome guy and Gooby here is his foolish foil... and the Witch is insatiably randy ALL THE TIME (lol scourging).
I wield a Claymore of +5 vs Dramatic Tension... and am 50% resistant to seriousness.

Anonymous said...

Baba Yaga

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