Thursday, October 6, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Wait, Willow has a greyscale version of the witch's basic outfit.
Not much else to say, except that poor is misspelled in the first panel.

Marie August said...

Fixed! Thank you for the correction.

Yeah, their corsets are decently similar, and the shape of the skirt.

Anonymous said...

I knew she looked like a witch! Crooked noses are always a sign.
Cool observation on the dress.

ExPaladin said...

M-m-mother?! O.O

SotiCoto said...

It'd be a crime to be surprised by this.
Marie has done a good enough job that they quite obviously LOOK that closely related. That they're a mother / daughter pair is THE obvious conclusion.

This must necessarily lead to awkward sexual tension whereby (for whatever insane reason) they both want to bed Gooby (i.e. "Peridot").

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