Thursday, December 29, 2011


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Death of Being Wrestled To Death By Steve said...

If the fox hates the witch, and she wants to keep the firebird's location secret for all time, then there's likely to be something powerful there (aside from the firebird, from the witch's wording) and it can either do a lot of damage in the wrong hands (the witch wants it's power, the fox wants to keep her from getting it) or it can do a lot of good in the right hands (the same as above, but with roles reversed).
Or it can do both, but I think the second is most likely, as the witch hasn't gone after the firebird yet.
This is all wild speculation, of course, so I really expect it to turn out to be something else entirely. Only time will tell.

ExPaladin said...

Fox: "Now I wish I didn't talk."

SotiCoto said...

The fox is probably someone that the witch got bored of "scourging".
Probably the whole forest is populated by former occupants of the witch's red bedsheets.

Anonymous said...

The spirit of the dead man come to help in the form of a fox.

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