Thursday, January 12, 2012


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Anonymous said...

Great comic. I've got two things to say beyond that. Firstly, wow, the prince falls asleep fast. Second, dragons I can understand, but how is a lake near dragon territory dangerous? I guess that'll get explained soon, though.
Keep up the good work!

Marie August said...

Well, he has been up all night, so he's pretty much dead-on-his-feat tired.

I suppose a lake near dragon territory is dangerous because you could gain the attention of a dragon.

ExPaladin said...

Dragon: >:D

Love that expression. :)

SotiCoto said...

I'd sorta like Gooby to get eaten by a dragon... but he probably won't. Stupid protagonist immortality clause.

Stormdancer said...

Did the fox just call him Per? Like, short for Peridot? I'm pretty sure the prince didn't mention his name.

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