Thursday, January 26, 2012


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SotiCoto said...

... I take it you haven't had much practice drawing dragons.

Your people look distinctly like you've tried to match photographs as closely as possible. Your fox looks pretty explicitly Disney-style.
But your dragon... looks rather like you've never really had an interest in drawing dragons. =/

I can understand the dilemma. There aren't any photographs of dragons to copy, what with their being reality-challenged and all. As for the Disney route... you'd be best putting aside the Sword in the Stone and going for Sleeping Beauty instead. That dragon was pretty cool.
Then of course you could try copying some common fantasy art... The stuff that always ends up on the cover of fantasy books, y'know?

But as for Trogdor the Burninator there...

I hope you're not too insulted by this, but the dragon sorta stands out as being rather worse-drawn than the rest of your comic so far. =/

UNLESS of course that was your intent, and things are about to get existential or something...

SotiCoto said...

(Addendum: I spent most of my childhood drawing dragons and dinosaurs. I utterly refused to draw anything else... mostly because I couldn't. My attempts at humans or mammals were all gonksuck ugly things. Only the dragons could be made to look decent. Large reptiles were my thing.

Probably can't even do that any more... )

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