Friday, October 19, 2012


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Marie August said...

Bellissima proposes to Peridot.

Adam Hoffman said...

There's got to be some sort of catch to this hitching.

Nimbian said...

Actually a fairly smart move on her side.

He's a Third son meaning that he won't likely inherit from his fathers side. "Quest aside". But if he marries her she will have his help in freeing/recovering her kingdom from what ever has plagued it, and as a Member of another kingdoms ruling family he is entitled to any and all help Gemstone can provide.

Since his Father will be living for a while longer should he bring the bird to him, its likely his father, The King, would support this if only to insure that the the son he promised every thing to doesn't want it right now.

Any way that's just my analysis of the situation

Anonymous said...

You're being set up, Peridot. It is -never- a good idea to get in the middle of a cat fight, particularly between a sword-wielding princess and a witch's daughter.



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