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Marie August said...

Bellissima's admits she has a thing for bad boys.

ExPaladin said...

Just because she thinks that doesn't mean she actually knows who the best man for her is. ;)

Elliot Kane said...

At the moment, I'm not sure Peridot will end up with either of the two ladies in his life. Both need him for something, but will their interest go further than that, long term? Difficult to say, at this point. As importantly, will his?

The witch's daughter needs him to help her escape her mother and has certainly taken a shine to him, because he's handsome (Her reaction on first seeing him makes that pretty clear) and a good person. Beyond that, though, does she just see him as her best chance to escape? Quite possible. And he doesn't seem interested in her at all, which would seem to kill any possible romance.

The princess needs him to help her escape her curse, but would really rather not need anyone. She just wants to adventure with Sparky. She significantly underestimates Peridot (OK, he may not be very worldly or cynical, but neither equates to stupid), who is certainly very brave and adventurous when he has to be. And indeed when he does NOT have to be, as his father actually begged him NOT to go... What he thinks of her is no better than what she thinks of him, though. 'Marrying her is an acceptable price to get the firebird' is not exactly the height of romance. On the other hand, he DID kiss her awake - we just don't know exactly why. He might have seen it as his duty to awaken the sleeping princess, rather than being smitten by her beauty.

Huh. I can actually see very good reasons why both ladies would be genuinely interested in Peridot, depending on how he develops during their travels, and vice versa. I suspect the real fun will start once the three of them (& the fox) are travelling together, though...

Fascinating story. A very unconventional take on fairytale conventions. Hope you don't mind my long winded speculating :)

Dvarin said...

I suspect Peridot kissed her awake because she really is beautiful (I mean.. even her name is even the superlative of beauty) and her moderately unfortunate personality isn't visible while she's sleeping. Fox explicitly telling him not to do it probably also had something to do with it.

I agree Willow probably considers Peridot primarily as her best chance to escape--that's he's obviously Good pretty much guarantees that he won't take advantage of a half-fairy being indebted to him for nefarious purposes. (Though he may do so for foolish ones.) That he's handsome probably doesn't hurt. But romance (and marriage) generally seems difficult for witches--having to always tell the truth about everything, having to keep track of even little debts and have them repaid, probably outliving everyone you know (except other witches)... so I'm not sure she's got anything long-term in mind for him.

" And indeed when he does NOT have to be, as his father actually begged him NOT to go... "
That might just be that Peridot suffers from Justice And Duty. I hear that's a common affliction among a certain fairy tale protagonist set. Fortunately he has Fox along to help him cope with the real world.

Elliot Kane said...


You are probably right about why Peridot kisses the princess awake. She is indeed the epitome of the fairytale princess... as long as she is asleep! :D Personally, I think she's pretty amazing awake, too, but I always like a smart and feisty female. I should imagine she is something of a serious culture shock for Peridot, though.

I think you sum Willow up very well. Her main goal at this point seems to be to escape from her mother, and if she seems rather protective/possessive towards Peridot (Empowering Fox, spying on him to see how he is doing) it is surely to her advantage to be so. Saying that Bellissima doesn't deserve him may be more dislike of Bellissima than fondness/regard for Peridot.

Peridot is, I think, the hardest character to know at this point, odd as that may sound. We know WHAT he does, but only rarely WHY. He may want to cure his father from love, duty, calculation of advantage or any combination thereof. He may have agreed to marry Bellessima for any of the same reasons (Well, lust rather than love, but even so).

The most extraordinary thing Peridot has done so far is to give up all his travelling funds to free a creature from torment, sight unseen. That certainly indicates a great compassion for others, as he could gain no possible advantage from doing so (Well, not that he knew of...). It runs counter to Duty (Save father/kingdom at all costs), but may well fit with a dedication to Justice.

Much as I adore Bellissima crushing every fantasy princess cliche under foot (And I reallly do! I love Pixar's Merida for the same reasons), I think I'd like to know a bit more about Peridot at this point. I'd like to know what he really thinks of his situation (And Bellissima: adorable whirlwind, or nightmare come true? :D).

Dvarin said...

Peridot's giving up all his money for someone unknown doesn't necessarily conflict with his duty to save his father if he thinks that he can find the Firebird without any money. (Which... is possible, since he seems a bit naive.) Though yes, probably just justice/goodness was trumping everything else.

Marie August said...

EK: I'm glad it's not entirely clear how Peridot's love life will progress at this point. I don't want it to be entirely predictable. I don't mind your "long winded speculation" at all. I'm quite flattered by it. It's also very helpful to know how much I have successfully conveyed on my characters goals/motivations.

I'll admit, the main reason that Peridot kissed Bellissma (against Fox's advice and any shred of common sense) is because it seems to be an unwritten fairy tale rule that whenever a man finds a sleeping, beautiful princess, he absolutely must kiss her no matter the consequences. Peridot must have been so captivated by the sight of Bellissima that he could not resist the temptation.

Elliot Kane said...


You'll be glad to know the last thing you are is predictable. It's a major reason I'm enjoying your story so much :)

If you WERE predictable, I'd say 'Willow shows Peridot that looks are not the most important thing when it comes to relationships and he ends up with her'. But Bellisima is very much NOT the traditional princess, which tells me to expect more spanners in the works from all directions. I'm not even convinced Peridot will GET a love life, yet.

As a guy myself, I can totally understand Peridot finding 'gorgeous sleeping princess' an irresistable temptation. After all, it's one of those things that always ends in happily ever after... right? :D

I adored Bellisima as a character from the moment she woke and slapped Peridot. Great reaction and totally natural! :)

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