Monday, February 17, 2014


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Elliot Kane said...

Fan blades are now at full whir. Awaiting the brown stuff... :D

I feel sorry for Bellissima. I am sure that the mysterious Yellow Dwarf will not let her get away so easily.

I'm equally sure that Peridot will help her, of course. Anyone who will hand over all his wealth just to end the suffering of a creature he doesn't know sight unseen is never going to leave a princess in peril.

Even a princess who has blatantly hidden an awful lot of important truths from him for purely selfish reasons...

Bellissima is smart, feisty, capable and brave. But I'm not sure she's actually a good person. I suspect this is why Willow doesn't like her. Bellissima could have told Peridot just how much trouble she was getting him into, after all...

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