Thursday, May 26, 2011


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Marie August said...

The picture in frame two was the first sketch I'd ever done of Obsidian. Too bad it had to be so small in the final page in order for me to fit it into the layout. I really like his sarcastic expression there.

Anonymous said...

Even in this comic it's apparent what we have. A lazy prince who always gets what he wants because he's the next in line, and a hard-working and honest youngest. While I've seen it a million times, this is as far as I can tell based off of fairy tales, so it makes sense, and it's also pretty realistic. I mean, if you're born into a role where you won't have to do any work and get to rule the kingdom, you wouldn't appreciate hard work I think. Oh, and Obsidian seems lax in general, which might help justify it.
Nicely done characterization. It's not hammering it in, yet it's still obvious.

Marie August said...

I'm glad I quickly got across the basic characterization I was going for. Your feedback is very inspirational to me, and I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Again: I adore your expressions.

SotiCoto said...

"Even in this comic it's apparent what we have." A jaded and sensible prince with an unreasonably demanding father, a deficit of patience for pointless shenanigans, and an obnoxious, mouthy brat of a youngest brother.
My sympathy is 100% with the eldest prince here... silly though his name may be. Dude seems to be pretty much tired of his crazy family.

And the expressions are pretty much totally drawn from photos, amirite?

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