Thursday, September 1, 2011


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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I love your witch.
I know, I say "love" too much. But... but... the hair! The eyes! The earings! The dress! The necklace! It's all just so... perfect. And witchy.
*Grasps helpessly for words.*

Marie August said...

You don't say "love" too much. It's a good word.

SotiCoto said...

The Witch is the Joker.
There is no other explanation. =D

And everyone says "love" too much. It is pretty much established fact that a strong word overused becomes divorced of its meaning and intensity... thus defaulting unseen to a state of mundanity. In this day and age, courtesy of its gross abuse in every conceivable situation, the word "love" has become at best meaningless... and at worst indicative of deceit. So often do people break out the word "love" to refer to what is actually a luke-warm passing approval that it has become effectively impossible to mark with distinction those few situations which actually warrant a truly strong response.

Of course, I know why people break it out so often: They cannot see the cost to it. The word seems like a method of freely stroking the egos of those they wish to ply with approval to their own social benefit. Maximum benefit for minimum personal cost... or so it seems. The devaluation of the word (or words) quite simply doesn't occur / matter to them... so little wonder they don't understand why, when they wish to use the word in genuine sincerity, it becomes so awkward to convey the meaning.

Anyway... I pride myself on being purposely understated, at least as regards compliments. The end result is that you can guarantee that if I actually give a compliment (without being blatantly ironic about it), that it actually means something (and isn't just wantonly distributed like Halloween confectionary).

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