Thursday, September 15, 2011


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Anonymous said...

My, what a charming woman. She is polite to those who are polite to her. Oh, and she tortures people for god knows how long and tricks them and apparently keeps her guests from ever leaving, (at least that's what I understood from the fact that none of the doors open for the guests) but that's just her being evil.
I love a good villain. If they're written well, they're most often the best characters in a work. This witch seems nice, but I get a vibe that she's easily angered.
One final note. It is incredible that Peridot can have a smile when talking to her.

Marie August said...

It's a challenge for Peridot to be smiling. But he can't exactly scowl at her while asking for her help. Also, it would be decently stupid to be rude to a witch, especially an evil one.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Creepy witches always know your names.

SotiCoto said...

You can just tell she wants to "scourge" him.

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