Thursday, May 17, 2012


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Death of Being Wrestled To Death By Steve said...

This is what I always thought should have happened. Seeing it happen made my day.
Seems the fox is a pretty good judge of character. He foresaw the princess being angry with Peridot, as well as Peridot not attacking him and the dragon being hostile and proud. He also knew what Peridot planned to do when he saw the princess, which also showed he was at least moderately genre-savvy.
I'm definitely going to stick around to see what happens next. Keep up the good work!

Marie August said...


I also always thought this is how it should have happened. A girl goes to sleep and the next thing she knows, some strange guy is kissing her? Makes sense she'd be upset.

When I first came up with this comic idea, this was the first scene I drew. I considered starting the story here, but changed my mind later.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree I loved that bit too :)

Anonymous said...

OH, Brava on the Right Hook, MiLady!!! :D (Yeah, took one boyfriend for me to figure out that I didn't do "Sleeping Princess" very well at all, and waking up to a kiss was NOT MY Thing...)


SotiCoto said...


Poor, stupid Gooby... uneducated in the ways of sleeper-ethics.

Personally, I'd have just scrawled hilarious graffiti on her face... then left her hand in a glass of warm water... then put a sugar-lump on her face and brought the horse in to wake her up. We fey sorts cannot resist a good opportunity for mischief...
BUT... I wouldn't sexually assault her. That is the important thing.

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