Monday, October 14, 2013

Chapter Five

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Marie August said...

Cover for Chapter Five, featuring a new character.

ExPaladin said...


Elliot Kane said...

Bellisima's fairy godmother, I presume? Not quite the Disney dumpy granny, is she? :D

Dvarin said...

I know it's just the page composition style, but, I keep thinking she looks ticked off because one of her wings was stolen...

Speaking of the fairy, I kind of wonder what she'll charge for her services as a wedding officiant and cursebreaker.

Bellissima: " we'd like you have you marry us within the next few days."
Desert Fairy: "Of course! Anything for my beautiful goddaughter. Though there is the little matter of compensation... fairy rules, you understand."
Bellissima: "Of course, I remember. In return for your favor, I would like to offer you this Mysteriously Magical, Talking Fox."
Desert Fairy: "You found an MMTF? I've been looking for one for ages!"
Fox: "...wait, what?"

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